Saturday, August 20, 2011

Epic Rap Battles of History

I love Epic Rap Battles of History! These funny videos are very popular on YouTube, each video with millions of views, and they foster a lot of discussion about "who won" and who should fight next. Strangely, though, they aren't a lot of websites outside of YouTube with discussion about the videos.

For fans who want to read reviews of the videos and discuss things with fellow fans, there's a new website, Epic Rap Battles Vids. The author is making detailed descriptions and reviews for each video, including lyrics. He (or she) also gives his or her opinion about how won that video and how the video stacks up in the ERB library.

The first post is, naturally, on the first Epic Rap Battle video, John Lennon Vs. Bill O'Reilly. Check out the post and see what you think!


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