Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kineck Hacks

When you heard about the Kinect, did you think it sounded kind of lame? Check out Kinect Hacks and see if you still think so.

Personally, I like it. I've played a couple games on it at a friend's house, and the technology was pretty amazing. Fun, too. I was sore though, because I am definitely not a creature made for a jumping. But it was hard to quit because it was so much fun.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Business Cat

Business Cat is my favorite internet meme right now. You can see it here at My favorite it ever is the one about how they have to... You know what, explaining it kills the joke. Just look at 'em.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I had a dream last night...

I've been having weird dreams lately. Ever feel like you're paralyzed, kind of awake, but you can't move? That messed my dreams up, man. Makes me think of this:

Which is, you know, great.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


My favorite video games are the music ones. Rock Band, Guitar Hero, the brand name doesn't matter. I just like sitting in front of my TV with a plastic instrument and pretending I'm a rock star. My favorite songs are the ones that have a lot of single notes, because that's kind of like playing piano. I've been playing piano since I was young, so I'm pretty good at those songs. It's just more fun for me.

Really, Rock Band and Guitar Hero have more in common with a real life piano than a real life guitar, only the keyboard only has five notes and you have to push the pedal a lot. But it's fun; I really enjoy it. It can even be like fingering exercises for me, and helps me build up dexterity and strength in my left hand. That's good, since when I actually play piano my left hand tends to get a little neglected while my right hand does all the fancy stuff. It's good to balance it out a little.

I don't know if they'll ever come out with a Piano Hero game. I know the new Rock Band 3 game has a keyboard, but I doubt it's much like playing a real piano. No, for a music that's REALLY like playing piano, you need to try Synthesia.

Seriously. Just go check it out. They were gonna call it Piano Hero before they got threatened with a lawsuit. It's totally cool. And it's free! What more could you ask for?